13 May 2013

Portfolio updated :p

Wohoo... after giving a birth I finnaly got my portfolio updated! What a thing.

In recent two years I was honored to work with musicians which I found very inspiring. So I uploaded some pics of three CD covers, all of them made to protect great music - Zrní, Doubravánek and Iamme Candlewick - and also some pics of other stuff I made for Hm… and Zrní again.

There is no better relationship than real friendship. I am lucky to have friends who are very creative and open to wide cooperation. Some of them are Iva Š. Tattermuschová from de-sign and Káča Šachová from Papelote.

I also uploaded some more things, but these are the most important I guess… well I also worked on two short animated educational films, but I still do not have all the stuff together so I will upload it later. Hopefully sooner than in two years!

And the biggest work of previous almost three years and for the rest of my life, motherhood. Not uploadable :)

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15 November 2010


Fresh books out of the printinghouse on sale!
2.10., Krasíkov, Slavnosti jablek.
If you won't make it there, ask your book-seller.

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11 August 2010

Second edition of the book Many Hands makes churches withstand


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10 August 2010

Radio Interview

Jarka Haladová interviewed me for radio Vltava. You can listen to the inteview here.

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06 August 2010

Webpage is redesigned and filed with new faces, including myslef. Thank you guys... You can check it out here:

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30 May 2010

European Design Awards 2010

European design festival 2010 was crowned with The European Design Awards Ceremony in Rotterdam.

SILVER for BITCH in categhory Illustrations,
and SILVER for ANNUAL REPORT 2009 FOR META in cat. Annual Report!

I am really excited about that! Thanks to my friends, co-workers, family and clients for having fun, working hard, helping and supporting!

The European Design Awards Ceremony (composed of editors from 14 prestigious design magazines) is the crowning event of the entire ED-Festival. This is the time when the best designers from all corners of the continent come together to recognize and to reward the effort and the results that they have achieved during the previous year. With participants from 31 different countries (from Iceland to Cyprus and from Russia to Lichtenstein) and with probably the most qualified jury on this planet (comprised by editors from 14 prestigious design magazines), receiving a distinction in the ED-Awards is a true reason for celebration. And indeed this ceremony is a warm-hearted night of celebration.

You can find more about this event here

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31 December 2009

Día de los muertos

DÍA DE LOS MUERTOS again in Stromovka, Prague. The event will be held in Stromovka Park near the Slechtova restaurant from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The old Mexicans perceived life and death in a less antagonistic manner than we do. Life continued in death, while on the other hand death was not the natural end of life but only one chapter in a never-ending story. Life, death and rebirth were only different stages of the endlessly repeating universal process.
The celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Mexico are underlined by the conviction and belief that the quality of this life is to a great extent affected by how we behave towards the dead. Come and celebrate in the Mexican style with us!

MonaLízanaGrilu prepared a wonderful food!!!!

Other programme of the Day of the Dead: Decoration of candy skulls, tasting the feast food “Mr de Muerto”, explanation of the features of the typical Mexican altar, home altar workshop, making lanterns inspired by the coloured Mexican “papel picados” napkins, theatre performance.

For more info check out web of Alfred ve dvoře.

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14 October 2009

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Let me invite you for the Frankfurter Buchmesse where you' ll have the first oportunity to meet a brand new BITCH book written by Roald Dahl, designed and illustrated by me and Anička Citterbardová and published by Gallery Ltd.
Five Fair days, around 3,000 events and a huge visitor turn out. Starts 14th October.

For more info check out

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03 October 2009

The Apple Feast in Krasíkov

Everyone is warmly invited for THE APPLE FEAST on the Krasíkov Castle near Konstantinovy Lázně.
As every year you can expect a beautifuly spent day, Strudel contest and I am proud to introduce there a new book PRÁCE JAKO NA KOSTELE / MANY HANDS MAKE CHURCHES WITHSTAND.
Look here for invitation.

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